Inspired by my first solo adventure in 2014, I wanted to build a lifestyle around travel and outdoor adventure without anything or anyone holding me back. Now it's time for your adventure.


Miss Adventurepreneur is a design and lifestyle brand for adventurous female travelers and entrepreneurs. I design websites and brands for women who want or have a travel-based business that works for who they are, not only as adventurers, but as badass entrepreneurs.


The Story

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I’m Janice Laraine, a trilingual graphic + web designer and travel enthusiast. I love snowboarding, climbing, dancing, and spending time with my family and friends. When I’m not helping my clients increase their profits and online visibility with my designs, I’m off on another adventure in the mountains, on the road, or somewhere internationally. Some of my past adventures include eating piranhas in Brazil, scuba diving in Belize, and seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

In 2014, I made the decision to travel on my own. Everyone in my life told me I was crazy, that it wasn’t safe for me to be a solo traveler, but I didn’t want to wait! I didn’t need to depend on someone to travel and you don’t either. 

You don’t need other people to have the adventure of a lifetime - in travel or in entrepreneurship. 

In Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 World Cup

In Rio de Janeiro during the 2014 World Cup

I got my entrepreneurial start when I was traveling in Brazil during the 2014 World Cup. I wanted to go on a kayaking trip down the Amazon River, but at the time, I didn’t have the money to pay the $1,000 fee. 

So I reached out to the owner of the tour company to see what skills I could offer that he felt could help him, and in exchange for translating his website to Spanish, I was able to go on the most amazing kayaking experience of a lifetime...for only $100! (That’s a 90% discount, y’all!) 

During that kayak trip, I met a few people from Germany and was able to get them out of a sticky housing situation. They were grateful and offered me a place to stay if I ever went to Germany. 

So of course, I went! 

Standing outside the Musee de Louvre in Paris

Standing outside the Musee de Louvre in Paris

Two weeks later, I was in Germany, living like a local, buying groceries, walking the streets, and meeting new people. I even took a weekend trip to Paris!

Traveling changed my life and it pushed me to create the kind of lifestyle for myself that I want - where I can pick up and go on a grand adventure any time I want to!

At Miss Adventurepreneur, I aspire to help give you the same confidence to pursue the adventurous lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about - to travel, to discover new cities, meet new people, and have a brand and website that you can confidently share with people all over the world! 

Miss Adventurepreneur exists because I want you to know that you can travel on your own and work from your laptop while you do it, so you don’t have to miss out on eye-opening experiences

Entrepreneurship is your first-class ticket to traveling and taking on your own adventures; and your website and brand are a crucial part of your entrepreneurial success!